Clinic Policies


We abide by the code of patient confidentiality and do not disclose any information to any one other than the patient or legal guardian. This includes, test results, appointment times or any other medical information.


We require a written witnessed consent form/letter from the patient

stating what information can be

disclosed or discussed with a specified

individual. The consent will be valid until revoked by the patient.


We encourage our patients to limit their visits/ walk-in visits with doctors to one or two issues to keep our wait times short. Follow up visits can be scheduled for more complex medical issues or non-urgent matters.

Test Results

Due to patient confidentiality and quality of care, we only discuss patient test results including consult reports in person. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your test results with your family doctor/ordering physician.

Prescription Refills

 We encourage our patients to book an appointment for prescription renewals a week or two prior to running out of their medications. 


All prescription refill requests faxed to us by a pharmacy will be subject to a fee of $55.00 to be paid by the patient. This service is not covered by Alberta Health Care and is considered an uninsured service. To avoid this fee an appointment is required.

Uninsured Services

 Based on the 2018 AMA guidelines

Many services we provide to our walk-in and family practice patients are not covered by Alberta Health Care. These services include but are not limited to completion of insurance forms, driver’s medical, Blue Cross Special Authorization forms, employment-related fitness forms, sick notes , notes for a third party and many letters, etc. Patients are directly responsible for the cost.

Please click here to see the full list Uninsured Services  and fees.


Westglen Medical Centre requires 48 hours notice to cancel Complete Physicals and Meet and Greet appointments.

All other appointments require 24 hours notice.

WGM bills for same day cancellations or missed appointments and the fee ranges based on the length of your booking. If you require further information feel free to ask the booking staff when you call to arrange your appointment. 

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