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About Us

About the Medical Clinic

The Westglen Medical Centre is an established family medicine practice in the SW of Calgary. The clinic was initially opened in the 1990’s.  With the building of the c-train station, the clinic moved to our current location on Springborough Boulevard in 2009. We offer family practice, walk-in services, obstetrics and gynecology, and physician-based breastfeeding assistance.  We are open 6 days per week to serve the community,  seeing a combined ~30,000 patients yearly.  The majority of our physicians are members of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network.  The Primary Care Network offers timely and convenient access to allied health practitioners on-site: a clinical nurse educator,  a psychologist/counsellor, and a behavioural health consultant.  The Primary Care Network also provides off-site services and after-hours clinic care to ensure continuity of patient health and wellness.  


Our Mission 


To be a stable, familiar, and multi-disciplinary care center providing competent medical care for people in the community of all ages and walks of life.  The Westglen Medical Centre will be the Medical Home of the people in Southwest Calgary, where they can come to feel welcome, known, and well cared for. 

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

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